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To describe Euan Lynn as a unique artist within the North East music community would be something of an understatement. The twenty-one year old’s Gameboy-powered punk songs encapsulate the things which make him tick in explosive fashion. Like much of his back catalogue, his brilliant new record Endless Summer stays close to home with its subject matter: “The EP is all about skateboarding and people I don’t like. But aside from that it’s really all about having fun and enjoying yourself – it’s a cliché name but I love the idea of an ‘endless summer’. Everyone takes the time to enjoy themselves during the summer months, live positively and do cool stuff. And I’d love to do that all the time.”

Usually pretty prolific, Euan has taken his time over Endless Summer, spending his spare moments between his numerous other projects refining the EP, perhaps because he recognises that these are his best songs yet. “It’s been a long time since my last release, as I’ve been off doing other things with my bands XGETXREALX and Topaz Gang. I’ve been writing these songs in that time, and I think you can really tell the difference – I’ve pushed myself much more with the Game Boy programming, as well as compositionally.

“The EP is all about skateboarding and people I don’t like. But aside from that it’s really all about having fun and enjoying yourself”

“This is also the first release where I’ve taken care over the production – my other music has all been recorded live to a 4-track tape recorder, whereas this was all multi-tracked and mixed and mastered by my friend Brendan Ratliff, aka echolevel. I’m really pleased with how it sounds. I think I’ve managed to retain the edge my earlier recordings had, while getting everything a bit more polished.”

Euan is an important part of Newcastle’s DIY scene, something which he feels is in pretty good shape right now, although he concedes there’s still work to do. “There’s loads of people doing a lot of really good stuff, but all in separate little pockets. There’s very little cohesion. It would be brilliant to see it all come together properly.” It’s this spirit which resulted in him being a founding member of the collective who run Nerd Hutch, located in the basement of Traveling Man comics. “It’s something we’re really proud of. With Nerd Hutch, we want to help cultivate the DIY scene but also, more importantly, provide a safe, alternative space unlike anything else in Newcastle. The space is built on community and solidarity – we want everyone to feel welcome at our shows.”

Euan’s work ethic would put most to shame, and 2015 looks like it will be another busy year for him. “I’d love to go on tour at some point. XGETXREALX toured with Skull Puppies over the summer, which was a blast. Maybe write/record some more music. I recently got some software for my Nintendo Entertainment System which I’ve been playing with too.” The idea of Lynn branching into more powerful technology to broaden his palette is an intriguing one. I’m already looking forward to his PS4 jams in 2045.

Euan Lynn officially launches the Endless Summer EP at Nerd Hutch, Newcastle on Saturday 31st January, alongside the latest compilation from Durham post-punk band Massa Confusa.

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