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Let’s paint a picture. Imagine Arctic Monkeys circa their last release AM. Imagine Arctic Monkeys have gone feral. Instead of dicking about with celebrities in LA or perfecting their quiffs, they’re rolling around in the dirt, foaming at the mouth, flinging mud at each other. Got that image? Well there you have Avalanche Party. Formed from the ashes of The Chapman Family (guitarist Owen Corrigan) and 3 Foot Ninja (guitarist and vocalist Jordan Bell, bassist Joe Bell and drummer Kane Waterfield), the four-piece play exhilarating garage rock ‘n’ roll with a clear statement of intent: Avalanche Party mean business.

Having been a band for eighteen months and gigging being their top priority, the enigmatic rockers are finally gracing us with their debut EP; five tracks that are largely inspired by the isolation of their dwellings in the wilds of the North Yorkshire moors. “Although Owen is based in Middlesbrough, the rest of us share a house in a little village called Castleton, right bang in the middle of the moors,” explains Joe Bell. “Our local gigging scene is Middlesbrough, so we tend to be classed as a Teesside band, but we’re a band from the middle of nowhere! Living in such a remote area and having to travel quite far even for ‘local’ gigs definitely influences our sound. The moors can be pretty wild and pretty bleak, not that we’re a bleak band, but I think it helps you observe things that maybe you would take for granted or wouldn’t notice if you were a band from a town or city.”

the four-piece play exhilarating garage rock ‘n’ roll with a clear statement of intent: Avalanche Party mean business

If this all sounds a bit Wuthering Heights, fear not. In the first single release from their debut EP, Money (which can also be found on the NARC. Compilation Album), Avalanche Party invite us into their world with a surreal, Lynchian fever-dream of a video to accompany the track. Filmed on the wind-swept moors, the video sees a mysterious protagonist searching for the band, encountering an array of bizarre characters along the way, including a slightly terrifying gimp on a leash. “We thought it was important to show people where we’re from, but to make it a bit interesting we thought we’d turn it into a story and add some weird characters, which were played by our friends. We found out we had some really good friends after that shoot!”

Musically, Money is a snarling bonfire of a track which slowly burns as Jordan Bell’s brooding vocal taunts the listener over an ominously played organ before crashing into an almighty crescendo of crunching riffs. Their next single Revolution sees Avalanche Party up the grimy rock ‘n’ roll ante even further. More urgent and ferocious than Money, it swaggers with a sleaze that rock veterans could only dream of creating. It’s performing live, however, that allows Avalanche Party to really prove what they’re capable of. “If you’ve seen us live, it’s an important thing to get across on record,” explains Bell. “The people we’ve recorded this EP with have done a great job of capturing the live essence of our performance, so you get that energy. It’s a collection of songs we feel best represent us at the moment – everything’s going great so we’re just taking everything as it comes. We’ll keep working hard and see what happens.”

Avalanche Party launch their EP with a gig at Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough on Saturday 30th May.

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