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worriedaboutsatan are a really interesting, unique electronica band from Bradford. Unlike other electronica duo bands of their calibre their music is not focused on ‘the drop’ and mundane, easily memorable melodies. Instead the trance-like music they play is tense, edgy and invigorating. Their music reminds me of a more melodic version of the music you get in art galleries accompanying pieces of thought-provoking modern art. Their energy and skill is undeniable, and the light show that accompanied the gig was superbly connected to the flow of the music.

The music denies the audience simplistic satisfaction, nor is it easily followed, but for me, this was refreshing to hear when it seems that a lot of today’s electronica sounds exactly the same. Blasting out of mainstream radio stations, every song seems to be a copy of the last. worriedaboutsatan’s recorded music sounds trance-like, a theme and variation formula with static noise acting as a sort of ulterior bass and imaginative use of sound clips. When you see them live you realise there’s much more energy to it than that, and that each song is a different story. If you want dance music, look somewhere else, but I don’t mean this in a bad way.

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