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Image by Karen Aitchison

A magical evening of wonder, wit and wisdom from musical instrument inventor and dream catcher extraordinaire Thomas Truax. Taking the audience at the atmospheric Cobalt Studios on a journey to Wowtown and back with a shimmering metallic reverbing guitar, a deep, resonant voice, a bevvy of musical automaton assistants and a bag of fantastical tales.

But first the mayhem and all out full throated, full throttle assault of Los Coyote Men. Playing high velocity dirty, garage punk rhythm and blues, rock ‘n’ roll. They cascaded from the stage in their wrestling masks and in our faces, singing “strip me naked paint me green” and crying out Mullet Man in the face of a haircut revival.

From one form of insanity to the madness of imaginary worlds, Truax wandered through the audience with wind chimes and dream catcher. He settled us down with Everything’s Gonna Be Alright from his fabulous new long player, Dream Catching Songs, a collaboration with former Banshee Budgie. It was the mechanical percussion in the Cobalt Rooms from the whirling bicycle wheels of Mother Superior. Distorted vocals through the giant gramophone horn Hornicator was sampled and looped for the ad-libbed Battery Change Song as Thomas hunted for replacement batteries. There were mellow lullabies. A Full Moon floated on high touring with Thomas right around the venue. Wondrous waltzes. Cavernous community singalongs. And the tragedy of the Butterfly and the Entomologist. What a night. Spellbinding.


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