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Sometimes the difference between two bands is some sort of indefinable ‘it’ – some chimera that if you could bottle it could make you millions. Tonight, The Supersuckers definitely had ‘it’ by the pick-up load and The Hip Priests didn’t. The latter were fine in a punk/metal dressing-up-box kinda way, but it felt constructed and contrived (and I’m not talking about authenticity). A dash of Rocket From The Crypt, a soupçon of The Clash, a smidgen of Lords Of The New Church. And so on. I mean, they were fine. But fine isn’t enough when it’s Friday night, everyone’s steaming and you’re supporting The motherflippin’ Supersuckers.

Our Arizonan heroes are as much a hybrid as the support – here it’s a lot of Thin Lizzy, plenty of southern rock, a mess of punk and a nod to country. But the trio make it their unmistakeable own – I mean, Eddie Spaghetti has been doing this for thirty-plus years now so he knows what he’s doing – and they do everything right. There’s cowboy hats and low-slung guitars and seasoned onstage patter and all the moves you expect from lifers like this. No cliché is left unturned and they’re the better for it. I’d take issue with Senor Spaghetti’s claim that all the best songs are rock ’n’ roll songs about rock ’n’ roll with rock ’n’ roll in the title – that bit really dragged – but when you’ve got Born With A Tail, Pretty Fucked Up and Creepy Jackalope Eye in reserve and the cojones to not only cover Thin Lizzy’s Cowboy Song but get away with it, any boring bits are soon dispensed with. The Supersuckers aren’t anyone’s idea of the future of rock ’n’ roll but they’re damned good custodians of its past.

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