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Good things come in ones and twos at the Matchbox Cabaret. Outside Your House dress for dinner at this vegetarian restaurant. Dicky bow boffins twiddle knobs, pull dials, tamper with their reel to reel and tinker with percussion. The duo hold plenty of aces, springing memorable wordplay and musical juxtapositions from up their sleeves. Interesting ideas are teased out set against eclectic soundscapes and scrapes. The outstanding Improbable Cities sees them spot an old school friend in an unlikely setting. Or is it? Only their third gig but highly recommended.

The Shooting Of is Paul Jeans, who makes up for his oneness by deploying each limb and more simultaneously. The more being a kazoo that somehow appears in his mouth whilst both feet are going like the clappers on bass drum and percussion, perhaps he broke off the keyboard or guitar for a second.

The Shooting Of is far from a novelty act however, and is a crafter of memorable tunes, a smith of songs to sooth or savour on this or any other Sunday. The bouncy keyboards, might just speed us merrily to our peril in a car smash or land us open mouthed hysterical in a haunted pub. Dastardly deeds, Kraftwerk re-workings, Bowie-esque brooding. Shooting for the stars and catching a comet. Exceptional entertainment.

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