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Four veterans of the indie wars crashing their way through some old-school moves: if Popklubb ever need a mascot, then The Exes must be the firm favourites. What their set may lack in surprise, it thankfully makes up for in energy and hooks, finding a pleasing midpoint between C86 and the stomp of imperial era Blur.

Yellow Creatures, however, are just scary. Why the hell are they this good? Early demo track Numb opens in a dramatically re-arranged form, while more recent tracks like Parsonage Door and the gorgeously sinister Calendar Man could plausibly soundtrack a re-imagining of The Prisoner, the village green preservation society dragged kicking and screaming into a warped proto-punk party.

The Lovely Eggs have built their reputation on their DIY principles and hectic live schedule, and this work ethic is reflected in a set that hammers through songs old and new, pausing only for the band to ask the audience to support the threatened St. Dominic’s venue. There’s a hell of a lot to like as Holly thrashes out some mighty grunge riffs and doles out the sardonic punchlines. Despite this, I’m left with the nagging feeling that they sometimes tread over the line where tweeness turns into misanthropy: telling people off for having the jobs which allowed them to buy a ticket for your show is never the most appealing move. The Lovely Eggs bring a lot of fun to St. Dominic’s, but some of the jokes just aren’t funny anymore.

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