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The exclamation mark after Go(!) in Ian Parton’s musical brain vehicle might seem like a dalliance borne simply to provide an interesting epithet, but having seen them perform live I can confirm that it is integral to correctly describing the insatiable energy they channel throughout their breathless set. 

Before embellishing, I have to give special praise to their support, Gurr, a brilliant Berlin-based band bursting with raw energy and talent, these girls seriously rock!

So, suitably warmed, the jam-packed Riverside welcomed the eight-strong Teamsters onstage and were immediately met with a wall of beautiful amp-splitting raucousness.  It was a shame that Ninja’s opening rap was largely drowned out under twin guitar, twin horn and mighty mighty drums; being a sound engineer in the Riverside is not made easy by its cavernous roof-space, and it did take a couple of songs for the vocals to be completely audible (or maybe I’m just getting old?).

Once sorted I was able to relax (ha!) into a barnstorming set of ingeniously crafted musical clashes, featuring Motown-style horns, thrashing axe solos, xylophone riffs, J-pop style vocals and melodica from be-bereted Maki (whose poise and skill had me transfixed throughout) melodic rap, sample-heavy über dixie-pop…okay, I’m making up genres now – yes there was a banjo, and a harmonica, but the point is that the melting pot of multi-faceted musicality married perfectly to make this a gig to linger long in the memory. 

Highlights were Semicircle Song, the title track of their latest album and featuring members of the audience and encore She’s Got Guns showcasing Ninja’s cracking vocals, but perhaps overall, the sheer power and awesomeness of Simone Odaranile’s drums.  There were two kits onstage, occasionally played simultaneously by either bassist Jamie Bell, jumping guitarist Sam Dook, or team captain/guitarist/harmonicist Ian Parton, but it was Simone who provided the driving force all night.  This was a gig it is difficult to find a superlative adequately able to describe, the exclamation mark will just have to do.

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