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Image by Amin Musa

Do you ever reminisce about your rebellious teenage days? When staying out late and house parties were the most important things in your life and all you wanted to do was cause mischief? Spring King have the perfect soundtrack to that part of your life.

Launching into their set with the sun-kissed Americana-style Detroit, Spring King radiated enthusiastic energy from the start. As mosh pits began to span the majority of the standing area and crowd surfers threw themselves across the room, the venue ascended into the best kind of musical chaos.

The anthemic It’s So Dark had everyone chanting as they bounced around, while the slower Take Me Away provided a welcome rest as jumping was replaced with swaying. Frontman and drummer Tarek Musa kept crowd interaction to an absolute maximum throughout which was met with constant squeals of delight.

A few spilled drinks, stage invasions and two snapped bass strings later, Spring King wrapped up the gig with the crowd-pleasing Rectifier. Although there were no encores the room continued to buzz long after the guys had left the stage. A suitably rowdy gig that left me completely satisfied.

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