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Image by Lee Fisher

I was lucky enough to have Brixton’s The Windmill pub as my local for a couple of decades and I miss it, so it’s always good to see a new wave of ‘Windmill bands’ break through every couple of years. Although outliers musically, Meatraffle couldn’t otherwise be more Windmill: everything about them suggests they formed during a lock-in after an argument about Gramsci. In fact, they share some elements with fellow Windmill denizens Alabama 3 – staunch radical politics expressed with wit and anger – but where A3 used acid country to spread the word, Meatraffle are an unlikely blend of post-punk, dub, Ian Dury, fairground organ and whatever the hell else they fancy.

While old songs like the phenomenal ‘Ndrangheta Allotment and No Books (basically John Waters surfing a demented Eddie Cochrane riff) are obvious standouts, there’s plenty of new material to suggest their third album is going to be even better. There was so much to love here – Warren’s smart patter, Claudia’s Vi Subversa meets Grace Slick vocals, the groovy-as-fuck rhythm section, the laugh out loud lyrics (“posh people got nothing to say”). Viva Meatraffle Sud Londra!

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