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Tonight begins with rising local songstress Keiandra, who does well to coax the fidgety Think Tank crowd into a blissful hypnosis with her haunting folk pop. Each shimmering guitar note is cloaked in a veil of reverb that perfectly surrounds young singer-songwriter’s ghostly vocal.

The Old Pink House sees A Festival, A Parade bassist and local promoter Ollie Winn swapping brooding indie rock for cosmic pop. The band’s sound is served on a neo-psychedelic platter of Tame Impala-like guitar fuzz and catchy indie pop melodies that superglue themselves to your eardrums. Debut release So Bad sends the crowd into shuffle-mode with zippy hooks and a wonderfully catchy chorus.

After some technical difficulties Let’s Eat Grandma finally arrive on stage to a near-capacity crowd. Various instruments are placed around the stage like we’re about to see a 10-piece band appear. Nope, it’s definitely just two teenage girls who will be playing everything. Kicking off with their most recognizable tune, Deep Six Textbook, the twosome clap hands in schoolyard synchronicity, then fling their long hair across their faces. It’s not your average set opening and there’s a sense that things are only going to get weirder. A sharp synthesiser lead pulsates across the venue and creates a type of dreamy stasis where gravity feels weaker. One of them grabs a saxophone and does a solo over the top. The crowd are locked in curious awe at what they’re watching, but I’m not really getting it. One minute they’re playing recorders, the next their swapping drums for guitars mid-track. It feels a little bit like watching a GCSE drama performance. If everyone behind the hype is right, it should feel a lot more intriguing than it does, but the truth is it’s all a bit overdone. It’s great to see such young musicians draw a crowd this big, but maybe the duo need a little more time.

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