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Strictly speaking, an Evil Blizzard review should honour their ‘worst show on Earth’ schtick and just dismiss it as egregious nonsense. But the reality is (mostly) different.

All too often, a surfeit of stage craft can be there to hide a lack of talent or personality, but in Evil Blizzard’s case the masks, the costumes and the props serve to just add to the general chaos. Beneath the masks, these are men who’ve been around the block a few times and know what makes for a great (and gloriously dumb) rock gig. If you were sober, the self-deprecating patter and the sign encouraging you to “BOO!” between songs could get a bit tiresome, but I’m pretty sure nobody in Think Tank? can even remember what sober feels like.

Beneath it all, Evil Blizzard make a pretty impressive racket: there’s a post-punk dub feel, there’s more than a little Hawkwind and some industrial metal thrown in. The four-bass/drums/sampler set-up sounds like the result of a pub bet on paper, but the band are stretching the limits of that set-up to ever more interesting ends (recent single Fast Forward Rewind is actually catchy, and surprisingly funky), although some of their more nuanced moments don’t really survive the transition to a live format. Somewhere amidst the nonsense, Filthy Dirty wields the traditional doll’s head theremin, Blizzpig plays his keyboard with a cleaver, Kav breaks his bass and reappears with an actual guitar, and everyone shouts at each other a lot. And of course, the whole thing ends with a stage invasion and the instruments being handed to the crowd and before you realise it, the band aren’t even there any more, sloping off backstage to bask in the smell of the greasepaint and the roar of the crowd. 

And that’s showbiz…

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