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Woking’s nastiest hardcore band Employed to Serve kicked off their final tour in The Warmth of a Dying Sun’s album cycle last night at Think Tank? in fine fashion. Support came from Manchester’s inadvertent Cousin Itt tribute act Leeched. A trend of the evening would end up being the inability to see any faces on stage through the consistent headbanging and moshing. Despite the poor visibility, Leeched still displayed promise with downbeat, dark hardcore thrash. Second on was industrial metalheads Rough Hands. For a main support slot, I kind of expected more in the way of on-stage charisma to go alongside their 00s misc-core. Still, their Korn vibes weren’t anything to be ashamed about.

Employed to Serve picked a very appropriate time to send off TWOADS: it was about as hot as the surface of the sun and claustrophobically humid. That makes their matching ETS hoodies even more admirable, and I appreciate the effort to have a uniform of sorts. ETS’s second album deserved to be played in full: it’s an incredible, mature album that showed real growth from its predecessor and their debut Greyer Than You Remember. Hearing it live in full transformed it into a multisensory experience that any ETS fan should be falling over themselves to have personally. Vocalist Justine Jones has truly mind blowing vocals; I almost couldn’t believe anyone could achieve such rich sounding unclean vocals so easily live. ETS have nailed a captivating performance to go alongside their rich, heavy sound, and I can’t wait to see where they go next.

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