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Pretty much the last place you’d expect to find Britpop alive and well is through the music of an Australian indie rock band formed in 2012. But, defying all my expectations, Sydney three-piece DMA’s proved to be a blast from the past for anyone who reminisces about the Battle of Britpop.

Support came from Planet, a band with more in common with DMA’s than just genre: vocalist Matty is DMA’s frontman Jonny Took’s brother. Their clear similarities in style and inspiration made them a fairly good warm-up act; they’re a little more dreamy grunge than pure pop – think an upbeat Nirvana.

As the main act, arguably the spearheads of the Britpop revival, DMA’s played a good show for their fans. For Now, the lead single from their sophomore album, certainly went down a storm. They’ve been consistently likened to bands like Oasis, and they definitely have the 90s aesthetic and the sound down to a tee. However, despite sounding pretty crisp live, DMA’s lacked charisma. There was little ceremony given to their performance, and instead they just dolled out track after track, leaving it up to the crowd to provide the real energy. For me, the gig left me yawning and checking my watch far too many times. A little more engagement would be nice, and then some personality would really liven up those clear-cut songs.

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