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Image by Idene Roozbayani

Opening with a short cover of Green Day’s Warning, Camp Cope began the gig with a jolt of energy. This did not dissipate as they lurched into their first (official) song, Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams. In response, the crowd at the Star & Shadow Cinema huddled together and politely gave their full attention to the performers on stage. The Australian trio charged through their set, with only brief intermissions for tuning and chat about vampires. 

Kelly-Dawn Helmrich, who plays her bass uniquely high and melodically, stood out; her talent as a musician so apparent, yet she swayed to the songs with a nonchalance that suggests she’s never even noticed. She in no way overshadowed her colleagues, with Georgia Maq belting out every note she sang to give the crowd the kind of raw, visceral performance that can be heard in the recordings. Tying it all together, naturally, was drummer Sarah Thompson, who didn’t miss a beat. They finished, ironically, with their hit song The Opener. With that, they had departed the stage and left the warm, buzzing crowd to reflect on what they had seen.

There was a unique honesty to the way they performed, and it was difficult not to be a little awestruck. There’s no stomping around or draping themselves in eccentric outfits, Camp Cope simply let their music speak for itself. The performances felt earnest and mirrored the power and intimacy with which their songs were written. It was, undeniably, something special to see. 

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