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Stockton’s Ku Bar has a knack of booking the next big thing about six months ahead of time, and tonight they host the much touted Cabbage at the exact moment when their stock is on the rise and a crammed venue is well up for whatever the Mancunian petits choux can throw at them.

Behold the swagger that oozes from the pores of any guitar wielding band from t’other side of the Pennines! Uniquely though, you get the feeling that it’s done with a huge dose of self-deprecation, especially on the witty home-town namedrop-fest that is Tell Me Lies About Manchester.


Cabbage as a live spectacle are an absolute riot. The schlock-horror of Necroflat in The Palace mixes political statement and ridiculousness in equal measure, while the impossibly catchy Dinnerlady wobbles on the tightrope of novelty and only time will tell if the raucous audience’s sing-along will end up on the right side of history or not.

Recent global socio-political shifts mean that closer Uber Capitalist Death Trade is incredibly apt. Improvised “Death to Donald Trump!” chants over its Dead Kennedys aping riffs aren’t bigly or clever but they seem to fit the mood topically well. Cabbage don’t seem to have any interest in re-inventing the wheel but are definitely positioning themselves to shove a stick in the spokes.

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