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It’s good to see that promoters are waking up to the potential of Cobalt Studios, the venue-cum-arts space down in the Ouseburn, and tonight’s gig proved that it’s perfectly set up for everything the Tyneside underground scene can throw at it. I caught snippets of Möbius (gorgeous, wintry vocal loops backed by some remarkable visuals from Piotr Kamler’s Chronopolis) and Hapsburg Braganza (mournful Christmas songs delivered on electric guitar) before Luna Del Cazador played. In this incarnation (and I’ve never seen them in the same incarnation twice), they were a fairly straight-ahead metal outfit with more than a tinge of postpunk or goth, but as always driven by Ayesha’s voice and charisma.

I’m not sure whether repeatedly punching an iPad has any tangible effect on the noise it creates but Colossloth certainly showed maximum commitment to his brand of dark, grinding sturm und drang. I have to admit that Vanishing – an Islington Mill/Gnod affiliated poetry plus noise outfit – were a little frustrating, The music was great, maximum onslaught soundscapes and sax skronk, but it rendered the poetry all but inaudible. Feeling that Important Things were being said, I strained to hear the words and thus didn’t get to properly lose myself in the wonderful racket. 

Bong were on fantastic form tonight, with wave after wave of beautiful cleansing riffs delivered straight to your third eye, and they got through the set without a stage invasion/drum takeover too. As Bish got stuck into his DJ set, I staggered off into the night convinced that David Terry’s bass sound was the real magic of Christmas.

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