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Operating in perhaps the same universe as Danny Boyle’s production of Frankenstein, Natalie Sharp’s BodyVice is hugely ambitious in its desire to tie together performance, musical and visual art into a continuous thought piece examining the human form and its beauty. 

Excelling in all artistic forms, the result of BodyVice is a masterclass in creating  anddeploying art as a vehicle in highlighting those parts of humanity we often fail to truly understand; in this case the condition of chronic pain and the impact it has to those who suffer from it.  

Dressed in human organ body suits, visually BodyVice draws our attention to the physical body from the start, adding to this direction with a techno/industrial soundscape, and operating theatre stage setting, which all contribute to a  claustrophobic, deeply moving, terrifying, production full of visual cues and throbbing beats.  Performed as a slow build towards a complete mental and physical breakdown, BodyVice is an educational piece of art which helps us to understand not only the effects of chronic pain, but also come to realise that that we are all only one accident or mis-step away from such suffering ourselves.  Dark, hugely impactful, and breathtaking in all of its forms this was sensational.  

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