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To some bands, the art of performing live does not come naturally and nowadays live tours are often little more than a chance for an artist to shamelessly showcase a new product they wish to flog to their fans, whilst making a quick buck in the process.
Augustines, however, are not in this category of in-it-for-the-money musicians. Their live shows demonstrate their tremendous understanding of what an audience really wants from a performance and that was tangible right from the beginning of the two-hour set they treated their audience to at Riverside on Saturday evening.
McCarthy and co dazzled as they worked their way through a list of songs comprising mainly of fan-favourites, with a few promising new additions slipped in to wet the appetites of those after a glimpse of what’s to come next. The show was duly rounded off with the band performing one of their heart-felt unplugged sets in and amongst the audience members, giving the crowd a tremendously intimate and personal experience, the likes of which is rarely encountered with modern performers.
It is touches like this that keep Augustines fans coming back for more and the eclectic mix of audience members, who’d turned up from all walks of life to sing along together, really highlighted just how easy it is to be captivated by McCarthy’s anthemic songwriting. To see those songs performed by a band who, when on stage, strike the balance between raw energetic passion and precision performance well enough to be measured with a spirit level is somewhat remarkable and it’s refreshing to see that the band truly cherishes the fact that so many people have turned up to see them.

It’s refreshing to see that the band truly cherishes the fact that so many people have turned up to see them

For Augustines to remain so humble, despite all their successes shows that even though they’re getting bigger, they haven’t forgotten where it is they came from and to find a band who values their fans in such a way that they are willing to invite them all in to experience so much of their journey is incredibly rare and special.
As Kipling once said “If you can walk with kings but not lose the common touch, yours is the Earth and everything in it”. Augustines might not be considered musical royalty yet, but as they continue to grow, that common touch remains well and truly in tact and with performances as spellbinding as this one, they’re sure to be gracing the presence of kings in the not-too-distant future.

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