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In a dusty town of student bars we sing our hearts out for the drunken crowd/ They can call us what they want but we know that we are the Kings and Queens of love.” So goes the opening of Kings and Queens from Allo Darlin’s gorgeous third album and, whilst not everyone was obviously drunk, they certainly did sing their hearts out.

Opening act Baker Island brought some fun ideas and musical touches to the stage which never quite come together to form a cohesive whole but Allo Darlin’ didn’t make things easy for themselves when they chose to bring the sumptuous Nordic pop of Making Marks with them, as the room clearly falls in love with them and their off-kilter chatter by the time their set is up. It’s a brave band that makes a crack about NUFC between songs but it’s a testament to their innate likeability that Making Marks get away with it unscathed.

Once they’re up and running though, Allo Darlin’s energy is unbeatably infectious. A balanced, more robust sounding set showcases their three fine albums, with Dreaming, Capricornia and Half Heart Necklace proving to be more endearing than ever whilst a solo, ukulele led performance of Tallulah lets singer Elizabeth Morris hold the crowd under a delicate spell. The set may be a touch on the short side, but Allo Darlin’ bring such charm, warmth and exuberance to the stage that to try and resist bowing before the Kings and Queens of Love with a cheek-aching smile is futile.

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