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“Moon Diagrams a.k.a. Deerhunter’s sticksmith-in-chief John Archuleta is faced with the unenviable task of building industrial techno live on stage in front of 30 people, all of whom seem palpably aware that they’ve got work in the morning. He just about wins over most – though it’s clear this is meticulously produced club music beaten into a live format against its will.

Algiers on the other hand are a live band. A cacophonously unforgiving, scalp tremblingly loud live band. From the off it’s clear that these are four men who take their art very seriously. Algiers are often courted by the media as ‘righteously indignant’ or ‘a voice of political disenfranchisement ‘ and perhaps in a post Brexit/Trump landscape there’s an increasing appetite for such. But these are no populist poster boys. 

Algiers are everything every young band should aspire to be. Committed, unforgiving, uncompromising and amorphous. Algiers are busy making the music no one else is – imagine the lineage of a post nuclear world where the only surviving cultural references were god-fearing gospel music and Afrika Bambaataa.

I walked out of the Cluny into a crisp winters night with a ringing in my ears an overwhelming sense that I’d been part of something and in an ever increasingly sterile and synthetic world that has to count for something, right?”

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