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We caught up with Sam Christie from synth pop band Vuromantics to find out a little more about the band ahead of their new tour. Over to you Sam…

How did you get together as a band?
The band came about when two previous Sheffield band projects ended, the members from each of the acts who wanted to push on and keep going joined forces to create Vuromantics. It was quite a slow natural process which started with jam sessions and eventually lead to recording material which originally was quite dark electronic stuff but when my brother Jake (who’s our resident synth and guitar player) moved over from Manchester to join the band, completing the line up, he really added a whole heap of wonk funky Madchester vibes to our electronic sound which has become a prevailing factor in our arsenal moving us away from more darker sounding records and towards something more groovy that continues to evolve all the time.

How is the life of a touring band treating you?
We love it! It’s the best thing, as a musician you often find with your earlier projects that it’s a struggle to get out of your home region but we have been really fortunate to have no issue getting all over the place, toting up around 50 gigs in under a year in Scotland, Wales, The South, The Midlands and of course the North and North East, its our 4th time returning to the North East this March.

Tell us about your live show? What can an audience expect?
Synthesisers and Funk! It’s a wacky show, we like to do daft things; our bassist Callum for example usually tours a briefcase full of bubble blowers, he’s a bit of a loose cannon, you never know quite what he’s gunna pull out of that briefcase; he once unexpectedly passed me a water pistol he had attached a toilet plunger too, when I asked him why he said “The songs called Gamma Ray”, It did kinda look like one to be fair to him, it looked like it had come straight out of Matt Groening’s Futurama.

What’s your favourite thing about being in a band?
For me it’s the camaraderie, as you grow older life can get in the way of friendships. Work, homelife and family takes up much of your time but being in a band really gives you this much needed creative outlet, which I think is really important as it stops you going crazy and gives you a reason to go out and have a beer with your friends in some really peculiar towns and cities that you would probably never visit otherwise, it’s weird because overtime you find you have friends all over the UK. The size of the country kind of shrinks within your mind and driving a 100 mile round trip for a gig kind of starts to feel like a fairly local show.

Which bands inspire you?
We’re from Sheffield and we’re a synth band so for this question i’m obliged by law to mention Human League, Heaven 17 and Pulp but on a personal level i’m really into allsorts, some of the more modern stuff I’ve been diggin’ is Anderson .Paak, GUNSHIP, Vulfpeck and Chromeo to name a few. In the car we often play random things like Chaka Khan.

What new acts are you listening to at the moment?
This is a North East publication so I feel it’s only right to use this section to shout about Twist Helix, what a great band you guys have got right there! Silky smooth dreamy Synthpop, all our band are big fans in fact as I write this (it’s Wednesday, 5pm) and we are all heading to see them play in Sheffield this evening. If you’re not familiar then you need to check them out!

What do you enjoy away from music?
Ahhh what a great question, I’m a huge TV series nerd and big on film, I like gritty drama, documentaries  and pretty much anything done by HBO like The Wire, Game Of Thrones, The Sopranos etc… My hidden talent is Halo 3 on Xbox live but if anyone asks let’s pretend I said something cool okay? I suppose it’s still music related but the other guys are big into house music, it’s not uncommon for us to hit some big club events whilst we are on tour. Also booking our own festival slots can be tricky sometimes because our guitarist Jake is a huge festival nut so doesn’t like there to be any bookings anywhere near Shambala, Gottwood or Boomtown, there’s other too but I forget.

What’s up next for the band?
Thanks for having us! Our March tour kicks off in Scotland on March 1st and rolls into Newcastle on Saturday 3rd March at Arch Sixteen Cafe, Newcastle.

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