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Lately there have been some rather excellent sounds crawling out from the Middlesbrough and Stockton areas. A thriving rock ‘n’ roll scene is ensuring bands like Mouses and Avalanche Party are gaining exposure by the like-load. Next to grab a piece of the action are five-piece Violet Deep; the young rockers have all the characteristics of a classic rock ‘n’ roll band, right down to the lanky, charismatic frontman and a bleach-haired drummer called The Dud. Things are looking promising for the band, but frontman Jack Brooks is definitely keeping his feet on the ground “We’re a bit of a shambles. We like to think it adds to our charm. Perhaps it’s because we’re so content with the music we make and what we do, we don’t think about getting picked up by labels and having big releases.”

The band has seen various line-up changes and re-workings moulding them into their current form, as guitarist Seb explains “The band actually came about a few years ago. Jack’s the only original member, the band has kind of morphed and taken various forms over about two or three years. It’s only really now we feel we’re probably in our final form – our Super Saiyan – and that’s why it has taken us so long to release material.”

That very music has finally materialised in the shape of their debut self-titled EP, set for release this month. It’s a grungy, fuzzy, hard-rock offering with a hefty dose of riffage for the static ears of the post-headbang generation, a wake-up call to those dozing shoegazers and melancholic indie hipsters, rounded off with a Hives-esque finish. Violet Deep’s sound feels direct and sure of itself, yet they don’t take a pre-meditated approach to genre when they’re writing. “We write about very fundamental situations that people find themselves in, and the frustration that comes with them. So it’s important to us that the music is as organic or ‘real’ as it possibly can be, to reflect the meaning in the songs. Rather than just emulating whatever group we’re into at the time.”

“We’re a bit of a shambles. We like to think it adds to our charm”

Dragon Ball Z references aside, the band are pretty serious about making music and playing live. They’ve got a support slot with Britpop legends Cast under their belt as well as a sold out show with Catfish & The Bottlemen which ended in the best way possible. “It was before they really took off so it’s always cool to say we played a gig and got pissed with Van McCann.”

Unlike some of their peers, Violet Deep aren’t too fussed about gaining likes and followers, yet they’re still ambitious when discussing their future plans. “We don’t have that sense of urgency to grab a shot at the big time like most bands do. We have goals – we want to be the best band in the world – but we strive towards that through our music, not through popularity. As long as we’re making music to the best of our ability and giving it all on stage, we’re satisfied. You always hope that people are going to fall in love with the tracks, understand what we’re trying to say and hopefully relate to them. If not that’s fine too.”

Violet Deep release their EP on 8th June. They play The Princess Alice in Middlesbrough on Friday 12th June.

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