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Ahead of Twenty Seven Productions‘ new show at Newcastle Castle Don’t Go Outside, which opens tonight and runs until Sunday 5th November, we caught up with company producer and co-founder of 27, Katie Gibson (professionally known as Victoria when acting) to find out a little bit more about this new thriller set in an apocalyptic, modern day world, where the audience witness the struggle of three “survivors” from the outside.

Can you tell us a little bit about the show?
It is intense, in a fantastic way! It is a “site specific” piece of theatre, rooted in Newcastle’s Castle. The audience watch three “survivors” of the outside world, in an apocalyptic scenario. 

What inspired it?
Think about every good horror film you’ve seen, where the anticipation grows right through the film, having not seen what the “threat” is (like Blair Witch for example) and that lack of knowing makes “it” more scarier… We have taken that to the extreme where the audience have to figure it out for themselves.  

What inspires you generally?
People’s imaginations, and their limits, if there are any at all. I also love properties, architecture and the history that comes along with them;it is a “if these walls could speak” scenario that gets my own imagination going, thinking about what would be, or would have been possible in those places. 

Why The Castle?
We were at The Castle last year with Lee Mattinson’s WYTCH, and we had a great time whilst there. We absolutely love working there and with the team who help keep it alive, so they kindly asked us to come back this Halloween season, but with something a little more scary… I think we have delivered!

What were your experiences like with Wytch last year?
Very very spooky. Talking about those women and the one boy who were hung on the Town Moor in 1650, and potentially some of whom would have been imprisoned in The Castle itself, gave a real edge to the piece. When saying the “witches” names aloud in the space, it almost felt a little dangerous! 

What are you hoping for this year?
I hope to be able to suspend the audience’s disbelief to a point where they believe that our world that we have created could be real, and that is petrifying. Our cast, team and writers all believe in this piece and think it has legs to transfer somewhere else, potentially to an actual theatre! That would be incredible for us.

What do you think makes this piece stand out?
Its very cinematic in its nature, actually. The audience could easily be watching this on screen, but its right in front of them which makes it even more shocking.

Twenty Seven Productions’ Don’t Go Outside is at Newcastle Castle from today and runs until Sunday 5th November.

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