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Given its struggle to gain much breakout national success it’s fair to say that the North East’s dance scene remains an unlimited pool of untapped talent, with its structure remaining a philosophy rather than a thriving musical scene.

Taking the initiative, local agitators Tunnel Club are on a mission to raise awareness of the scene, promoting not only themselves and their new album, but also other dance talent across the region. “We feel that the North East’s dance scene is vibrant and full of really interesting artists,” says Graeme Stoker, one half of the duo, “and actually once you start to check out some of the artists from the region there’s some amazing work being done. The challenge, in some ways, is making it all work and helping us all to be heard.”

Currently it’s the ‘being heard’ bit that Tunnel Club are most interested in finding a solution to. Championing a DIY ethic, Graeme and musical partner Stephen Key have been hard at work in creating their own electronica ecosystem, a way of promoting themselves and regional talent which consists of running their own label, hosting live events, DJing a local radio show and crowdfunding their new album Exit Space, which is released on limited edition vinyl and digital download on 30th November. 

“We’re really proud of this album and wanted to see how the industry could work for us by helping to fund the record and give our music a greater reach,” continues Graeme, “ultimately we decided to crowdfund the album to see if it would help it be heard, and it’s been an overwhelming response, well surpassing our targets.”

The North East electronic scene is really inclusive, diverse and accommodating and we try to help those who could use some support

Pre-orders from as far away as America prove that they’re on the right course. The album draws on a wide range of sounds, from down-tempo opener A Note To Say to acid-influenced bangers Vanish Point and Focus. “We’ve thrown everything we have into this album and it’s a real journey across our electronic influences, which is everything from The Orb to Orbital to electro pop. The reaction we’ve had to the album so far has been brilliant and we can’t wait for its release.”

The duo are passionate about the live electronic music scene, and regularly curate their own series of Northern Exposure shows, highlighting some of the best in live underground electronic and dance music. Their next event, taking place on Saturday 3rd November at Newcastle’s Little Buildings, will be particularly special. “We’ll be playing at the show,” says Graeme, “but our aim is also to showcase some talent from the North East and we’ll bring with us some amazing support live acts and warm ups. Ultimately this is an opportunity help others in the scene share their voice. The North East electronic scene is really inclusive, diverse and accommodating and we try to help those who could use some support. We try to do the same with our show on Slink Radio; we want people to enjoy not only our music, and our live experience, but also dance music as a whole. Our aim is to make people smile, dance, and throw their hands in the air.”



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