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People are sometimes surprised to find out that some of my biggest influences are grime artists, but when you think about it, it makes a lot of sense.”

I have to admit that I was surprised. When listening to Narcissistic Love, the new single from South Shields songwriter Tipps, you’ll find yourself witnessing some serious wordplay from someone who has been absorbing a multitude of lyrical styles since childhood, and has been performing regularly as a singer and guitarist for over thirteen years.

I’ve always been a fan of playing with language and linguistics. I remember when I first came across slam poetry; I could listen to a performance on repeat and pick up on something different every time.” This is something that has inevitably worked its way into Tipps’ music; in fact, with every listen you’ll find a lyrical gem that you missed last time. There’s a hard-lived, real story to the song, and while it may be a familiar one of a relationship turned sour, it comes from a uniquely self-aware perspective.

The song was fuelled by the exceptionally difficult lesson that to be emotionally healthy and happy, you have to make painful decisions; and that knowing that a situation is destructive doesn’t mean it’s easy to walk away from.”

Outside of Narcissistic Love, it’s clear that Tipps’ eye for detail is constantly looking for inspiration, regularly finding it from the people she knows, and the good and bad experiences she shares with them. “I know some incredible, unbelievably pure and good people, and I also know some right workie tickets – to put it in publishable terms. They all inspire me in different ways. I’m lucky enough to live in a really canny little town by the sea, so I’m often inspired by the place I live, and the strength and spirit of the people who live there.”

I’ve always been a fan of playing with language and linguistics

The production on Narcissistic Love is deliberately minimal, with drums, bass and acoustic guitars creating a light and airy space for the story to be told. Tipps’ vocal performance is strong and assured, free-flowing out of her like a stream of consciousness. Narcissistic Love is the third and final single from her forthcoming debut album, which she’s super excited to have finished writing.

I’ve got a few tracks already recorded and mixed, and I really cant wait to get back into the studio and get the rest of them down.” Working on the album with John Taylor at Mirage Recording Studios is a partnership that Tipps really enjoys. “He’s mint at picking up the energy of the songs, and recognising and building around the natural highs and lows. Hes always as passionate about creating a great track as I am.

This shines through on previous singles Moderation and Thin Walls, which are further examples of her kitchen sink poetry and accomplished guitar playing.

Tipps is looking forward to getting back to playing in venues, but in the meantime will be live streaming gigs from her Facebook page, and I would strongly recommend you tune in.

Tipps releases Narcissistic Love on 1st August

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