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Image: Vici Wreford-Sinnott

We often talk about acts of kindness, but what about acts of love? How do we define love as individuals and show that love to each other? A new work from a ground-breaking trio of female playwrights Laura Lindow, Naomi Obeng and Vici Wreford-Sinnott, explores the messy, complicated and colourful complexities of these questions through a trio of short plays at Live Theatre this month.

A world premiere showcasing three contrasting works performed by three extraordinary actors, including stage and screen actress Imogen Stubbs, and accompanied by live music from Me Lost Me (aka Jayne Dent), Three Acts of Love looks at the human experience from every angle – the beauty, the pain, the dark and difficult truths.

Writer Vici Wreford-Sinnott says the process of collaborating to create Three Acts of Love was a joy: “We all met and talked about what acts of love might mean to us, and it all kept coming back to how do we as communities let people who feel like outsiders, in? Are we suspicious? Do we have open arms? Does our generosity extend beyond our immediate circle? And why do we view people who are different to us as outsiders anyway?”

Though the three plays tell distinct stories, Vici says their finished pieces shared plenty of common ground: “Each act of the piece has different characters, different settings, but there are underlying connections, thematic coincidences and questioning narratives about the world.”

how do we as communities let people who feel like outsiders, in?

Through their ‘Act of Love’, the three writers examine passion, community and tolerance through a different lens: a young woman running away to find connection and acceptance in a new place; a visiting lecturer with a dark and unexpected truth; a devoted fan, lost in obsession and revenge.

Passionate about telling the stories of people who often go unheard and misunderstood, Vici’s piece is the tale of a young neurodivergent woman’s search for family. “I’ve been proudly involved in the Disability Arts movement for 30 years,” says Vici. “The disabled people in our families, communities and workplaces are so often underestimated and yet have some of the most powerful, vibrant, funny stories to tell. I love surprising people and getting people to think about our humanity.”

Has that humanity been challenged or altered by the collective trauma we’ve experienced in recent years and how can we course-correct to build more welcoming communities? For Vici it’s about rediscovering the joy of nuance, the blurring of lines and allowing each other to be exactly who we are: “It’s been a time of huge transition for human relationships. I think we are encouraged to view the world as a series of opposites, polarised and binary: we can only be this or that. We forget about all the shades and colours in between. Social media was already incredibly powerful in our lives, but I think it’s seen the best and the worst of us. What has it done to our intimate and domestic relationships and interactions? Do we hug as often, do we shake hands with strangers, do we distance ourselves because subconsciously we feel less safe? We need more acts of love.”

Three Acts of Love runs at Live Theatre, Newcastle from Thursday 30th November-Saturday 16th December.

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