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Across their career, alt-rock three piece The Subways have become known for being one of the most energetic bands on the live circuit. Since forming in 2005, when the band were just 16 years old, the band have since released four albums, including a recently released eponymously-titled LP. Since releasing their debut ten years ago, they’ve gained a huge following and have soundtracked countless teenage years. Now embarking on a UK tour, I caught up with bassist and vocalist Charlotte Cooper to talk about their latest effort, touring and what we can expect from a Subways gig in 2015.

How would you describe your new self-titled album The Subways?

We went back to our roots with this album and what we love about music and being in a band. A lot of the songs are high energy and ready to be played at gigs and festivals.

Do any of you have any favourite tracks from the album?

My favourite at the moment is Just Like Jude, a short pop punk song.

How does it differ from your previous albums?

The main difference is that Billy produced this album, which is the first time we have done this. It was an entirely different recording process, but I think Billy really captured our live sound.

The album is self-recorded, produced, mixed and released. What made you decide to create it entirely on your own?

Billy has always been interested in production and closely followed the recording process of our first three albums and recorded our demos. We were lucky enough to work with 3 legendary producers and Billy learnt a lot from them.

Is this is a first for the band? Did you find it a challenge?

It’s kind of hard to know when its finished when its just us in the studio. Usually a producer would give some input into which are the best songs and which ones should be included on the album.

the subways

“We went back to our roots with this album and what we love about music and being in a band”

Are you pleased with the finished result?

We’re so proud of the album and think it really represents us as a band.

You’ve been on the music scene for a long time, what would you say have been your biggest achievements so far?

I think its awesome that we’ve played in so many different countries and cities; we’ve seen the world and been to places we never would if we weren’t in a band.

You recently announced that Josh has taken leave of absence from the band due to his struggles with Aspergers Syndrome. How has this decision affected the band?

Its very sad for Billy and I, as its always been like the three of us against the world. But ultimately this is the right thing for Josh and eventually touring will be a more fun experience for him.

How is the band feeling about going on tour and performing without Josh?

We’re just still happy that we’re on tour! We were quite nervous before the first show, but a very good friend of ours has stepped in and been incredible. He’s a hero!

Who will be replacing Josh on drums?

Ryan Jenkinson, a friend and session drummer.

You play at Independent in Sunderland later this month, are you looking forward to performing in the North East?

Definitely! Newcastle was my favourite gig on the UK tour we did in October, so it’ll be great to hit the North East again!

What can we expect from The Subways this year and in the future?

We’re heading into summer festival season pretty soon, which we’re always really happy about!

The Subways play at Independent, Sunderland, on Saturday 28th March.

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