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How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like mine boisterous, striking and most of all, lovely. Hailing from Lancaster, Holly Ross and David Blackwell (aka The Lovely Eggs) are so much more than just band mates; married and the proud parents of a four year old son, their unyielding philosophy of playing life by your own rules hasn’t wavered since they debuted in 2006. Pondering on their early days, Holly says “When we first started out, we got drunk a lot more and partied loads because we didn’t have a baby then, but really it’s like nothing’s changed. We still love our fans and put out weird, zany records, make our own fanzines and videos.”

Despite the initial concern of the group’s demise once The Little Egg arrived, there was no question over where their future would lie. “When I got pregnant, everybody said that would be the end of the band, and we were like, will it?” scoffs Holly, “we bought three extra seats off eBay for our van and got them welded in by someone down the road and that was it, we were off again. Never knock a good DIY band down, because they will always find a way to do what they want to do.” The DIY element has always been a fundamental asset to the success of The Lovely Eggs, who have hatched four albums, oodles of tours and an Egg Records label. “We love the amount of control over things, you don’t have anybody telling you what to do or that it’s not good enough, it’s a very liberating feeling,” David enthuses.

Never knock a good DIY band down, because they will always find a way to do what they want to do

Apparent even from their first LP, 2009’s If You Were Fruit, David and Holly’s artistic flair was always evident; their controlled chaos and brutal honesty fused to create a genre that’s equal parts accessible and alternative. “Our inspiration comes from experiencing life and warping reality. Lancaster is a bit like Twin Peaks, we had a lunatic asylum and they let them all out in the 90’s and then they turned it into a luxury apartment complex for rich people, so that says a lot about the place,” Holly shrugs.

Their fifth studio album, This is Eggland, touches down on 23rd February and boasts a production credit for David Fridmann, renowned for his outlandish style and work with Mogwai and The Flaming Lips. “It’s a lot heavier than the last few records.” David explains, “it’s quite cosmic, all the bleeps and odd noises…heavy but weird.” Regarding the Shane Meadows title pun, Holly laughs “We’ve landed here and the world is fucking odd, we don’t understand the people that live on this planet and it’s like we’re in an alternative reality, and that’s what the songs are about. Anyone is free to get on board and live in our fantasy. The world is bloody mad and we feel like aliens, so put your hands up if you’re an alien too.”

Playing at one of their favourite venues, The Cluny in Newcastle on Saturday 10th February, they’ll be joined by the hilarious Porky the Poet (aka comedian Phill Jupitus) and rambunctious Teesside pair Mouses. “We absolutely love the Newcastle crowd, there’s certain cities who just know how to party and that is one of them.” With a line-up like that, it’s sure to be an eggcellent night.

The Lovely Eggs play The Cluny, Newcastle on Saturday 10th February. This Is Eggland is released on 23rd February via Egg Records.



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