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Hartlepool’s favourite folk quintet The Jar Family have unleashed a newly developed sound as they gear up for the release of their new album Family First this month. The band’s third record has been in gestation for over a year, and live performances of their new tracks have been going down brilliantly with their ever-growing audience.

Recent single In The Clouds’ infectious chorus and twangy guitar makes it the perfect summertime sing-along; while the more pensive 1914 tells the tale of war-time Christmas, with its nod to the Pogues and Dylan offering a sober contrast.

“We wanted it to be exactly what you see on stage and allow listeners to feel like they’re there”

Working with producer Rupert Christie (U2, Green Day, Lou Reed) has gone a long way towards replicating The Jar Family’s raucous live shows, says vocalist and guitarist Dali. “With the first two albums none of us had a clue,” he admits. “All I knew was how to go onto a stage and play songs. When we recorded those albums we just wanted to record the tracks and put them on, it felt like we rushed things. When we listened to back to the albums we thought that it just wasn’t us and it’s not what people warm to in terms of the energy and buzz on stage, and that’s when we decided to do the third album. We wanted it to be exactly what you see on stage and allow listeners to feel like they’re there, and Rupert allowed us to do that.”

Family First has seen the band return to a familiar place, with inspirations taken close to home. “A lot of our family experiences come out in our songs,” says Dali. “You can even tell who’s living what life as myself and Richie are the ones with kids. We write about the hardships and what we’ve been through. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got money or not because life is hard and some of the things that come up against you hurt. I find that it’s the best way to chill out, by not thinking about things when I’m playing and writing songs as once I write it down the stress has gone.”

The Jar Family release Family First on 4th September. The band play We Are Family festival at Jacksons Landing, Hartlepool on Saturday 19th September.

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