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If ever you looked up the term “buzz band” in the dictionary, the definition might well just consist of a picture of The Jackobins. To list their numerous achievements over the past year would take up way too much in this article, but it suffices to say that they’ve received tonnes of airplay on various radio stations across the UK, been featured in numerous magazines and on a bevvy of blogs and are huge in their hometown of Liverpool. It’s no surprise, really, considering that their brand of indie rock is ridiculously infectious and contains catchy hooks, and truly atmospheric melodies; their recent single Waiting For The Sun is just one example of how wonderfully energetic and passionate they are about their psych-lite indie.

Ahead of their much-anticipated gig at the Head of Steam this week, I talked to guitarist Veso Mihaylov about their sound, being played at Anfield, and the mystery surrounding their fame in Greece.

As with most of your songs, your latest single Waiting On The Sun has a memorable hook, and some finely layered indie rock; how have you managed to perfect the formula to make such catchy indie?

I don’t think there’s really a formula, it’s more about finding something that feels right and not limiting yourself to the genre and “what’s in right now” classifications.

Alongside support from bands like The View, Hurts, This Feeling and Dexters, you’ve got a massive following of fans around the country. How does it feel to have become so popular in such a short space of time?

It’s a really overwhelming feeling and we feel quite honoured. It’s an astonishing experience when you get down to the show and the crowd is singing your songs back to you. It’s really hard to describe, but it’s a high like no other. We just hope that it continues to grow and more people get behind it. We’d be nowhere without the amazing amount of support from so many of you.

Is it true that you’re extremely popular in Greece?

It’s a weird one to be honest. Somehow Ghosts entered the charts at #7 over there, we are not sure how exactly, but it happened. I guess we’ll have to add a date or two in Greece on any future European tour, and find out for ourselves.

You’re from Liverpool and your music is often played at Anfield? Are you proud that the Kop gets to hear your music every couple of weeks?

It’s a real honour being played at Anfield. Liverpool are a great club, which we hold very close to our hearts and George Sephton has been a real saint, helping us out so much. I guess we’ll know that we’ve made it when the Kop gets one of the songs and turns into a chant.

the jackobins

“I guess we’ll know that we’ve made it when the Kop gets one of the songs and turns into a chant”

On that topic, you played Football Rocks last month; is the beautiful game a big part of your lives?

Football Rocks was a fantastic experience which we were really thankful to be apart from. Jake Bugg and The Swines organised one hell of an event. We love playing football, but the fact that it was for such a great cause made it that extra little bit more special.

Your current UK tour sees you stopping off at pretty much every major town and city in the country; how do you prevent yourself from getting exhausted when you have so many tour dates?

Exhausted? It’s what drives us forward really! Every day is a brand new experience; we get to meet so many new faces and we’re learning the ropes of how to perform at venues of all different sizes, various audiences and how to capture people and convert them to being full time members of The Jackobins Army.

You sold out Sunderland’s Independent the last time you were here and there’s three dates in the north east on your current tour; what keeps bringing you back to the region?

People in the north really seem to appreciate up and coming music and show great support for emerging talent. There’s so many great young bands coming out of that area and the people are really friendly and have a great sense of humour, so it’s no wonder we’re drawn back so often.

What are you planning to do after the tour? Is a well-deserved break in order?

We haven’t got anything planned as of yet, however we’ll most likely be working on some more new material, followed shortly by another tour. There’s also a single release on the cards for a track titled One More Chance and more info on that will be unveiled soon.

The Jackobins play alongside Spitfire Hostels and Blind Buffalo at the Head of Steam, Newcastle on Friday 26th June.

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