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North-East’s finest, The Cornshed Sisters drop their extremely relevant new single, In My House, a sing-along anthem that praises making a happy home in difficult times. It’s a track that embraces the pop sound that was hinted on in their last album Honey and Tar and was brought to life by the production wizardry of Max Tundra in his first production work since Daphne & Celeste’s 2018 comeback album.

The band, like most self-employed musicians, are facing a great deal of uncertainty at this time and are asking that you purchase the song through Bandcamp

We catch up with the Jennie and Liz to talk more about the single.

How are you coping with social isolation in this current climate? 
Jennie: I’ve suddenly become a homeschool teacher, unfortunately my seven year old son is much smarter than me. So far he is working on an extensive vocabulary with which to emotionally blackmail me. ‘if I don’t get a chocolate biscuit I’ll be really dismayed’. 

I’m also working out how to run choirs and songwriting workshops online. 

How would you describe your latest single, In My House? What’s it about?
Liz: We were thinking of the things that make your house a home and wanted to celebrate them. It’s about not taking things for granted, and that small everyday things can be joyful!

It’s very apt considering the circumstances. Was this song inspired by what was going on or written prior and released because it seemed fitting?
Liz: So we’ve been working on it for a while but it’s come together recently and on listening back to the lyrics, we just thought it seemed so apt to release it now.  It’s the first time that we’ve written something together from scratch; prior to this song, each of us would bring something we’d written to the rest of the band but with this, we were pitching ideas in from the start. It’s been a lovely way of working and I think we’ll be planning on doing more songs like this.  

Where was it written and recorded? Who produced it?
​Liz: We wrote this while on a wee Cornsheds residential in a lovely rented house in Duns in the borders over a weekend in January 2019. ​Once we’d made some demos of the song, we recorded the live instruments; keyboard, bass, guitar and vocals with Dave Anderson at his studio in Byker. Then sent these stems to Max Tundra who worked his magic on it! 

When life returns to some level of normality what is the first thing you are going to do?
Liz: Have a party with my family!

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