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Three years after the release of her first EP, My a Oni, Taliraw is back with her second EP, English Weather. An introspective deep-dive into her experiences in recent years, this mixture of spoken word, vocals and cello playing fits somewhere in between hip-hop and emotronic, with poetic lyrics and an electronic sound.

The Newcastle-based Czech artist talks about her choice to use spoken word in the EP alongside music. “I really wanted to tell a story. I wanted people to understand the whole background. That’s why I chose to use the tapes in between, so that people can imagine the atmosphere around the song and what’s behind it. And thinking about the spoken word, it started like slam poetry. I just felt like I could tell the story more authentically. I can express myself more, in more ways.”

it started like slam poetry. I just felt like I could tell the story more authentically. I can express myself more

Tali talks candidly about why it’s important to her to share personal stories. “I feel like that’s the only way. I always wanted to be true to myself and true to other people. I’ve never been afraid to share, basically, everything from my life. And when it comes to music, it’s the filter I use for expressing my emotions, my feelings and what’s going on.”

The EP features multiple languages, switching back and forth through talking and singing, and a feeling of homesickness informed that choice for Tali. “I realised I really missed the Czech Republic. I miss my family. I miss the language. I realised I keep forgetting all the words of my first language when I’m on the phone with my mom. I’m like, Mom, can we speak English? She can’t. Fortunately, so…I just felt it. I just went for it when it felt right. I also felt like using Spanish, I just wanted other people to picture the atmosphere of the song. That was before I went on this pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, so that’s why I incorporate Spanish even though I feel like I can’t speak it properly.”

Tali reveals more about the EP’s title. “English Weather, the name speaks for itself. I still haven’t got used to English whatsoever because it’s changing so fast, everyday we have everything you can imagine. And I feel like that’s life, it’s just so unexpected and like, if I reflect on this year, it’s insane. How many friendships and relationships ended? How many have I started? It’s a roller coaster. So I think English weather is just perfect for describing all the different situations I’ve been through.”

Taliraw releases English Weather on 28th January, with a launch event at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle on Friday 3rd February.

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