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At the back end of 2018, indie pop five-piece St. Buryan went eerily quiet after a busy summer spent unloading a string of superb singles, re-releasing their White Noise EP and playing the region’s best festivals.

The first sign of the storm coming after the calm came in the form of Giving In, a sonically frenetic track which tackles the feeling we experience when people around us appear to be doing better than we are. Guitarist Nathan Gooch has been overwhelmed by the reaction to their first single of 2019. “It’s been astounding, we’re so thankful to all the fans, old and new, for supporting this release.”

The video for Giving In was filmed at independent live music venue Little Buildings. “It’s somewhere that, for a lot of local bands, represents the big family that is the North Eastern local music scene.” In basing their video at Little Buildings, the band were keen to recognise the importance of independent venues to up and coming bands, as frontman Ben Mackett explains. “Without them we wouldn’t have anywhere to play, without anywhere to play we wouldn’t be a band, and if we weren’t a band we’d have missed out on some of the most memorable experiences we’ve ever had.”

Ben has found the reception to Giving In “very humbling”, saying “the response we’ve had is fantastic, better than ever before and we’re very taken aback by it. Hopefully it isn’t a one-off and people will be just as receptive for the next couple of songs too.”

Giving In was St. Buryan’s first single released through Sound It Out Records, an independent developmental label based in Derbyshire. Previously the band’s music has all been self-released, and Ben explains working with Sound It Out has been “a lot less stressful in some ways, a lot more in others. It was fantastic watching Tom and Barrington work their magic in the studio while we chilled out, taking a step back from the desk or the responsibility and such. Losing that little bit of creative control in the production was hard to let go of for me, even when I knew it could be getting daft.”

For the new single, Breathe Deep, St. Buryan appear to have been inspired by their drummer’s recent purchases. “Rhys had just purchased a sample pad and we wanted have a slower more electronic track in the set to change stuff up.” Ben says.

Rhys expects the release to go down well with St. Buryan’s strong live following. “It’s a slower, sample/synth-led track to begin with, but ends with a heavier, almost emo finish. It’s been a live favourite for a while and people who’ve seen us at previous shows keep asking on social media about ‘that song’, so we’re excited to release it.”

In addition to recent releases, the band will be debuting “a good chunk of new songs” at their upcoming headline gig at Think Tank? on Saturday 27th April. The Newcastle headliner will be their biggest yet, Rhys explains: “We’re naturally nervous for it, but we’re even more excited. We think our live sound is tighter than it’s ever been, and with the new releases going down so well, we’re hoping to see and hear a lot of people moving and singing back to us.”

St. Buryan play Think Tank?, Newcastle on Saturday 27th April.


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