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BBC Introducing’s Mark Forrest once called them quite a good pop band, but listening to Serinette it’s difficult not to think that he was downplaying this a bit. Through a small series of infectious, buoyant tunes that aren’t afraid to bend the rules and try something just a little bit off-kilter. The band are now gearing up to release their new single Routine of the Week at Stockton’s Arc, alongside support from fellow Teessiders Dressed Like Wolves and Joe Ramsey.

Ahead of the launch, we talked to frontwoman Lou Radford about the single and why they’re doing a pay-what-you-like gig.

Congratulations on the release of your new single! Can you tell us a bit about what has inspired Routine of the Week?

Life inspired Routine of the Week! It’s about situations in life that repeat and become routines. From simple things like standing in a line to deep things like relationships. It’s a simple song that came together easily over a three hour practise. We all love playing it!

Can you tell us a bit about the sound of the single? Does it develop on the Serinette formula or are you trying something a bit different?

We write each song depending on where the idea comes from and how people add into it. I think it’s a pop rock song, dancey and raw. We just enjoy playing it. To us it’s not different but maybe to other people it will be.

People often find it difficult to pigeonhole you into a genre – will Routine of the Week make it any easier for people to define you or are you as genre bending as ever with this single?

Ha ha! Erm, people will no doubt still struggle to pigeonhole us. We love to write and create so music just ends up being what it is; we would never not play a song because it wasn’t similar to another song. I think this single is short and radio friendly where as others have not been, but that doesn’t mean the next single will be. I love the genre bending phrase by the way!

“We like to do things differently and take risks. We have never been interested in the money side of music”

You were signed to Sound Hub fairly recently; has being signed given you extra focus or has it been business as usual?

We are a very focused bunch anyway but working with Soundhub has focused us in the right areas. We have learnt a lot from them on things like social media and production. They are a great team to be with. It’s good to see how the music scene is in places like Derby where Hub base is. It is a much more alternative scene.

Why have you decided to put on a Pay As You Like launch event?

Chris Rigg from Kaboom Live presented the idea. We like to do things differently and take risks. We have never been interested in the money side of music so making none wouldn’t be an issue. But the event is nearly sold out and most people seem excited to be going to something where you are allowed to decide what you want to pay.

Your gigs are nearly always full of energy and thoroughly enjoyable, but have you got anything special planned for the single launch?

Thank you! We have two new songs that we are playing. The set is a little different to usual with the new material being added in and with it being a 45 minute set. It will definitely be full of energy but also has some space for some calm. Not much though.

You’re playing with fellow Teessiders Dressed Like Wolves and Joe Ramsey; is it important to you to help promote bands from Teesside?

There is so much talent here in the North. I don’t think people realise how good some of our local bands are. Both Joe and Dressed Like Wolves are doing some great stuff at the moment and we are looking forward to seeing their sets.

What’s next for Serinette after the single launch?

We are gigging in Sheffield then Darlo and Middlesbrough. We are supporting Toyah Wilcox who is on tour with her band The Humans in October at Arc, we are looking forward to that one. It’s all dependant on how Routine of the Week goes down really. We have other singles already recorded so hopefully we will out another tune out soon. Bigger Better was played by Huw at Radio 1 last month so we’re hoping he will keep having a little look at our new stuff too.

Serinette launch Routine of the Week on Saturday 8th August at Stockton’s Arc.

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