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Newcastle indie rockers Save The Bees may be young (they’re about to start Uni this autumn) but their raw rock and roll hits are a force to be reckoned with. Originally forming in 2016 by frontman Cameron Scott and bassist Jack Young, the outfit are now a four-piece and about to release their second EP.

Drawing influences from Arctic Monkeys and Oasis to Jarvis Cocker, their music features gritty garage soundscapes packed with epic riffs and dirty drum patterns. Energetic, fast-paced tracks such as Weekend Rockstars scream allude to their Arctic Monkeys-esque vibe, with storytelling lyrics in abundance.

Cameron explains that they’re striving to be anything but ‘samey’: “This may sound hypocritical – don’t get me wrong indie rock is a great genre, because that’s what we’re doing ourselves and we love to go to gigs and jump around with the rest of the crowd – but the North East scene can be so limited on genre variation that it’s difficult for really good bands to get noticed and appreciated.”

Despite that, the guys have been turning heads in the region thanks to an easy combination of a catchy sound and eclectic influences. “I believe it’s very easy to spot the inspirations in our first EP, which was very much post-punk rock and emulating the thrash chords of early Monkeys yet paying homage to Oasis in epic guitar solos and vocal styles.”

the guys have been turning heads in the region thanks to an easy combination of a catchy sound and eclectic influences

Set to release second EP Shower Thoughts soon, the band have taken a much more complex approach to their guitar and bass sounds, as well as adding a greater variety of structure to the songs. In comparison to their first EP, there is a noticeable shift in sound quality and, although they retain their catchy riffs and hints of grittiness, you can tell a great deal of work has gone into each track lyrically, with the result being a more mature record than their debut.
“We decided to take our time and take the mixing into our own hands for ultimate control over the sound we’re looking for. Therefore, we can put out material that we’ve criticised heavily ourselves first, so we know there’s no snags that people could pick up on – that’s the mistake we made with our last EP as we rushed it and mixed it in two days and released it the following week but now we listen to it in retrospect, it needed a lot more work.”

The four have to part ways after the summer to take up University places, meaning they’ll be bowing out of the live scene for a little while, but the band feel this won’t impact their ambitions. “We’re all very musical people so I’m sure we’ll all be playing music whether it be together or in other bands. As for Save The Bees, we strongly believe it’s only a matter of time until we’re plastered on the billboards of metro stations, bus stops and the like.”

Save The Bees play The Globe, Newcastle on Thursday 23rd August. Their EP Shower Thoughts is released on Monday 6th August.


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