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There’s such a rich amount of influences within this album. It’s truly eclectic.” North East musician and sound engineer Salt House Lavish, otherwise known as Andrew Laverick, is set to release his new album Take A Deep Breath People this month.

Exploring a multitude of genres and external influences, the record builds on the musician’s previous releases, in particular 2020’s album Change In Temperature, which combined real-world sound manipulation with electronic production.

This album is a little darker than my previous one, but it’s still kind of upbeat. There’s so much negativity at the moment, I want to put something out there to give at least someone a more positive vibe.” On this release, Laverick finds the perfect balance between sincerity and musical alacrity, producing an album which bursts with passion.

Prior to his solo endeavours, Laverick hosted regular open mic nights at his pub in Billingham, encouraging people to enjoy all types of music. He explained how it influenced his own musical journey: “I decided to build a mobile studio to give these guys some experience and in the process I thought I’d use it myself – I created some really cool stuff. This most recent album was me scribbling away for a couple of weeks and finding things to use musically.” With a general thematic focus on persevering with life, Take A Breath People demonstrates an intriguing contrast by lyrically accounting relatable, everyday experiences, yet instrumentally exploring the energetic optimism life has to offer, and it truly highlights Laverick’s love for using music as a tool to uplift.

There’s so much negativity at the moment, I want to put something out there to give at least someone a more positive vibe

As a multi-instrumentalist, Laverick worked with both live instruments and sample packs to create the diverse album. Focusing heavily on vocal packs, he explained the versatility of samples, as they can establish the underlying structure of an entire song. Heard particularly in the second track, Staring Off Into Space, ethereal harmonies are used to build upon the initial melody and driving rhythm, which overall generates a captivating sense of mystery. “My musical process changes with each song. I love how adaptable it can be.”

Alongside the recording, Laverick also emphasised the importance of post-production within his songwriting process. As an album that relies heavily on this aspect, one of its special qualities are the definitive mastering techniques – and this process is interestingly Laverick’s favourite part. “Getting to the point where you’ve listened to it a thousand times, but then you tweak something and hear an entirely new sound – it creates a whole new passion,” he comments.

Comprised of a mixture of genres which span rock and electro pop, Laverick’s new album successfully keeps the listener on their toes throughout the entire musical experience. As an eclectic masterpiece that aims to provide a positive outlook on life, Take A Deep Breath People achieves this through incredible instrumental techniques, musical spontaneity and dazzling manipulation, resulting in Salt House Lavish encapsulating the power of music through his body of work.

Salt House Lavish releases Take A Deep Breath People on 17th June.


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