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Winchester native Rozi Plain is probably better known for her work with other artists and bands. She’s forged an extensive and impressive career working with the likes of This Is The Kit, Francois and the Atlas Mountains and touring with Devendra Banhart and James Yorkston. But the associate of the Fence Collective and Lost Map star is also a nifty solo artist in her own right. Her new album Friend, which was recently released to great acclaim, is a small but perfectly formed collection of wonky pop songs and tender semi-acoustic meditations on life. It’s the album that could be set to put Plain firmly in the limelight, which can only be even more cemented by her new, extensive UK tour.

Ahead of her gig as part of Generator’s Mapped Out tour at The Cluny on Thursday, we had a very quick chat with Rozi about her new album, what she’s inspired by and how touring solo is different to her work with This Is The Kit.

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

Sub-aquatic astrological pop music?

Tell us a bit about your new album, Friend; what are the particular musical inspirations and themes behind the record?

Well I suppose lots of it is about some mega and significant moments in my life but plenty of it about the not very mega stuff too. We recorded it very intensively which I think made it what it is. It was a really special time recording it.

Who are what are particular inspirations for your music in general?

I take lots of inspiration from the musical pals around me. But I like listening to lots of stuff. I’ve been listening to lots of Robert What, Richard Dawson and Tame Impala at the moment.

What is it like to be signed to Lost Map?

It’s like being lost but then finding a map. It’s great; good eggs the lot of them. Totally dedicated and helpful and inspirational.

You set up the Cleaner Records collective in Bristol; do you have a particular affinity with independent labels?

My brother Sam who started Cleaner Records it was a way for us all to release our own music. When he thought of the idea we all had some sort of cleaning job. Being resourceful and proactive, I think are two of the main life skills to have and you might as well just do some stuff if you’ve got some time and energy to do it.

You’re a touring a member of This Is The Kit, so how different is touring solo to being in a band?

Well, each and every tour seems to have its own particular microclimate that is different to the last one. It’s great being on tour with a gang of pals.

What are your plans for after the tour?

I’d like to read a book. Learn French. Write a new record and swim in the river please.

Rozi Plain plays at The Cluny, Newcastle on Thursday 28th May.

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