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Building on a successful multimedia art project in Manchester, Sam Kennedy – aka Darlington-by-way-of-Manchester’s Ronald Raygun – and his merry bunch of collaborators are set to bring a similarly diverse art extravaganza entitled AudioVisual to Darlington’s Voodoo Café on Monday 22nd July; and there’s an opportunity for everyone to get involved. 

Seeking to provide an opportunity for local artists to showcase their work, as well as becoming a centre point for the local community to immerse themselves in new and interesting art pieces, Sam sees AudioVisual as having unlimited potential. “I love Darlington and I can’t believe how strong the local music and art scene is. For me, the main aim of AudioVisual is to throw a party in Darlington and have a get together with our favourite artists. We hope to unearth some strong local artists from Darlington’s art community.”

Positioning the evening as a chance for the local community to come together, Sam sees his team’s role as curating an evening which creates opportunities for discussion and conversation. “We try to create a space which is a total mixture of audio and visual art, including a mixture of local bands, local visual and audio artists and some DJs. By putting on a mix of artists we hope people will be inspired by something they may not normally hear or see.”

There are really exciting cultural things happening in the North East and we want to contribute to that

Doubling up as a soft launch party for Ronald Raygun’s most recent music single, an 80’s funk banger titled Allergic, Sam is happy for his project to take a back seat on an evening which will be focused on community. “Allergic will be mentioned on the night, but it’s only part of a night which will have a number of different elements to it, so whilst I’m incredibly proud of the track, I see it as being part of a wider evening.”

Drawing on the experience of art director Lydia Bailey (“Lydia’s got some really interesting experience with showcasing art, as well as understanding how to unearth hidden talent,” says Sam) AudioVisual hopes to promote local art works. “There are really exciting cultural things happening in the North East and we want to contribute to that, and celebrate some of the talent we have in the region; it’s not always felt like there’s been the same platform for emerging art/visual artists as there has been for musicians on the local circuit to show their work and engage in a critical dialogue.” 

Sam’s keen to encourage artists to submit their work to be included on the evening, though you’ll need to act soon – the deadline is 10th July. “We’re hoping to get artists and musicians involved to meet before the event to chat about curation of the work and to have an informal discussion. Rather than just putting work up and taking it down the same day, we want to create space for the discussion around the work and to meet with other people involved.” 

To find out more about submitting your work to AudioVisual contact [email protected]

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