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A new album and exhibition by a collective of young artists from Newcastle are to be unveiled at the Star and Shadow Cinema on Saturday 11th May. Evolve is the second album by Reality Boots, a band made up of young Newcastle-based musicians, and is inspired by their experiences of growing up with poverty, uncertainty and feelings of being overwhelmed. The album is complemented by Void, an exhibition of photographic and film pieces, all exploring the idea of voids as difficulties or comforts in our life journeys. We speak to Quinn Green (vocal and keyboards) to find out more about the album and the event.
How did Reality Boots come together?
Reality Boots is made up of young Newcastle-based musicians, who work with and share studio space with Skimstone Arts in Newcastle. We were asked by Peter Saaremets, Lead Musician at Skimstone Arts, if we would like to form a band, then he and Claire Webster Saaremets, the Artistic Director, applied for Youth Music funding. The next step was looking at what we felt most passionate about. Many of us were teenagers at the time and young people’s rights came up a lot. So we decided to turn our opinions into music, which birthed our first album in 2014 (Louder than Words).
How would you describe your sound?
Describing our sound would include many words, because we are quite an eclectic band. We have neo-punk, ska, funk, ballad and rock influences, to name a few. We all listen to different music but when we come together, we create our own, inspired by what we listen to.
Tell us more about your second album, Evolve.
We have spent the last four years making music from teenagers to adults and you can hear our progress and development in our music and the different journeys we have been on individually and together since our last album. One of the tracks on the album is also called Evolve and it’s about growing, changing and evolving as a person, and when you listen to the other songs, they all express that too.
What can people expect from the event at the Star and Shadow Cinema on 11th May?
Music, visual arts and film. The Star and Shadow Cinema is an amazing venue for us as it helps us to showcase our different talents, which span much further than music. Other members of Skimstone Arts are visual artists and so this event shows you all the different art forms we explore. This includes short films and photography.
Where did the idea for a music/art crossover event come from?
It started with us exploring an idea called Void. The theme was explored from different perspectives as we also have visual artists and the band thought about the song Evolve and how it could also link with the void in the way of evolving from the void. So the album became a musical response to the exhibition Void and we formed them together to create Void/Evolve, presenting all our different art forms under one title.

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