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After a five-year hiatus, one man electro-dance explosion Razmataz Lorry Excitement returns with a new single, To The Beat. The track is one that acknowledges the loss of the clubs and venues, where we’d go to get our feelings of sound induced euphoria, and looks to the future, when the good times will roll again. It does this through four minutes of head bouncing, shoulder churning beats, synthed-up sexy siren sounds and infectious vocal snippets that’ll have you reaching for the nearest thing to a laser you have (i.e. multi-coloured smart bulb you purchased when bored in September 2020). 

To get you in the mood further it’ll be accompanied by a live during lockdown video complete with a whole load of lovely visuals. 

We catch up with RLE to find out more about his big comeback and the new single…

When was your last live show as RLE? What have you been doing with your time since?
The last time I performed as RLE was way back in 2015. It was a collaborative event between myself and NARC at Northern Stage in Newcastle which included some really great visuals as part of my set provided by NOVAK collective as well as a brilliant performance from Nathalie Stern too, so I have very fond memories of that gig. Since then, I’ve been touring with Sunderland’s Field Music as guitarist and synth player as well as working with the band in creating videos and live visual projects. 

Why have you chosen now to make a comeback?
There’s no real significance of the timing really apart from a new found enthusiasm for writing and recording as RLE again I suppose. Over the years I’ve never wanted to push it or force myself into doing RLE stuff when there wasn’t the enthusiasm and energy there to back it up. I had a couple of false starts since 2015 where I started writing again but just wasn’t that into it, but this time I’ve really enjoyed the process and coming up with ideas perhaps in a different way than I did previously.

How has time influenced your sound?
I think more recently my approach to songwriting has changed in that the process should be enjoyable first and foremost. It’s easy to get too caught up with it and get stressed out – especially when song ideas aren’t working out as you’d hoped or planned. But these days I feel like enjoying coming up with ideas is the most important thing really, even if they don’t end up turning into fully formed songs. Over the last few years or so I’ve learned to not heap too much pressure onto myself in that regard and as a result ends up creating a sound that feels more intuitive and spontaneous rather than being forced in a particular direction.

Tell us about your new single, To The Beat. What’s it about?
To the Beat came from a sense of longing and nostalgia for being in a club or venue and just losing yourself to music. So many people will be missing the collective outlet of expression, energy and shared euphoric experience that clubs and venues usually provide at the moment and in writing this particular song I wanted to try and bring a bit of that feeling and sensibility back into our homes while hoping that those times will be back with us again soon.

Have you got anything else planned for the near future?
I’m hoping to get more new RLE material released in the not too distant future, so I would say keep an eye on the RLE website and social platforms for anyone who might be interested in finding out more about that as it happens and hopefully work towards playing live again – perhaps in a live stream format initially and then in venues when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

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