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Post Rome have been working hard over the past couple of years to establish themselves on the local music scene, and now they’re seeking to really make their mark on the rock world. “We’ve been in a band together since we were 10. We started this for the purity of creating and playing music, before any goals of ‘making it’ or ‘being seen’ even existed. Our identity has developed at the same rate as our musicianship with each other has. We’ve found the right range between heavy rock and alt. pop and are continuing to build on a really energetic live show. We know what we want to create now,” explains drummer Jamie Martin.

2020 is hopefully the start of something great for Post Rome, vocalist Jasper Watson explains: “2019 was a year of grounding ourselves and working on creating an EP that felt honest and exciting, and really put together an EP we had no doubts about being our best work. It almost feels like our child.” We’ll be getting a taste of this EP with the release of its leading single at the end of the month. “It’s called Different Kids. We had the lyric: “different kids learn at different rates, we caught on quick don’t lie to your mates for a while but didn’t really know where to place it. It made sense to give it a hook and put it in a chorus. It’s a rant with a back beat essentially, a quick reminder to be honest to the people close to you,” Jamie adds.

We’ll be crying or dancing by the end of 2020 and we’re okay with that

A salient message for a song to carry, and it’s clear that the band themselves practice such open communication, especially throughout their creative process. “The production is an immense amount of fun, but there was an immense amount of concentration needed. We adore the process. There were no major hiccups for this single fortunately, however the structure of the single has been changed about so much,” says guitarist Ben Goodfellow. “It felt like we were dissecting and operating on it by the end – which is fine because we don’t get bored. There aren’t enough pages to talk about all the changes, but we’re happy with how it’s structured now. And we’ve learned to be open to each other’s ideas, that’s vital.”

As a testament to what Post Rome have achieved and what they hope for the future, Different Kids will be accompanied by a launch show following its release at Independent in Sunderland on Friday 6th March. “Of course this single will be a special moment for the band, this gig is in place to make it an even more personal and interactive moment. But we just want to throw a party to be honest, we’ll do it for every single. It’s a celebration. We’re proud, let’s dance, why not?” Says Watson.

Whatever 2020 throws at them, Post Rome are ready to embrace it with open arms. As Martin reiterates, “We’re ready to gig twice as much this year, and we’ll be putting out more material in the next 12 months than we’ve ever put out. We want people to hear music they can actually relate to; we want to make people move and even laugh with us at some of the moments on this record… We’ll be crying or dancing by the end of 2020 and we’re okay with that.”

Post Rome launch Different Kids at Independent, Sunderland on Friday 6th March

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