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On the location section of their Facebook page, PLAZA have stated their whereabouts as an ambiguous ‘lost’. Of course, this isn’t exactly true. After playing a bunch gigs in their hometown of Hartlepool, the band have been adopted by Newcastle’s thriving indie scene and are beginning to make a bit of a name for themselves.

A kind of in-region migration has seen a lot of bands find a new home in Newcastle’s warm and welcoming Geordie grasp and it’s one that PLAZA’s main man, Bradley Lennard has seen first-hand. “The Hartlepool scene is a bit of a weird one, we’ve got bands here like Para Alta, Antlez and Future Horizons but we’re all being dragged into the Newcastle scene and there’s no Hartlepool scene.”

PLAZA are a difficult one to pigeonhole, which makes for interesting listening. Their early releases brought forth a direct math rock, indie pop hybrid with a tropical feel, whilst new single Totem is awash with shiny synth ambience and bending post-rock guitars. It’s an eclectic mix of sounds that don’t necessarily come from where you’d expect. “We do have a lot of influences which you wouldn’t think of. Me and Matty are massive Queen fans but you’d never think it listening to our music. I grew up on things like Bowie and Moby which are two completely different styles of music. Then you’ve got the modern stuff like DIIV, I’m massively into DIIV but I don’t write songs like them, the influence just shows up on some of our music.”

PLAZA are a difficult one to pigeonhole, which makes for interesting listening.

The lads are getting their name around; featuring on national indie blogs and playing whatever gigs they can get, including applying for this years’ Evo Emerging. With a new helper in the form of one Geordie musical aficionado, Charlie Dancer, the band have bagged a mini-tour with Chesterfield band TRASH that sees them doing five UK dates including a sold out show at Newcastle’s Little Buildings on Thursday 3rd March. “Charlie came to watch us play our first Newcastle show and kept in touch. He put us on a couple of BTW shows and seemed pretty keen on helping us. There was no plan, it just kind of happened.” The TRASH tour wasn’t something that Bradley had envisaged until an intoxicated post-gig encounter brought about the idea. “We played a gig with them and a girl came to the show and got absolutely full of Lambrini and was being sick everywhere, because it was red Lambrini we all thought she was puking blood! We all got really drunk and the singer of TRASH said let’s do a tour. It was one of those drunken chats when you organise something like ‘let’s move to Australia with some guy you’ve never met before’.”

Luckily for us, they seem to planting their feet firmly on the ground in preparations for the coming months. “We’ve got our own lock-up where we practice now. We are still finding our feet. We know what we want to do but we don’t want to rush into anything, just have a bit of fun while we can now, and go into the next year with everything bang on planned.”

PLAZA release Totem on 28th March.

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