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You can take People Making Noises quite literally; from their ‘say it as you see it’ band name to their straight-forward and honest approach to songwriting, but it would do the instrumental four-piece a disservice to call them merely a post-rock band. As with their no nonsense moniker, the group aim to create what comes naturally to them. “We stuck with the name as it is quite literal and straight to the point. Nothing too pretentious!” Says bassist Phil Morgan. “A lot of bands sound like they have just picked their name out of a random band name generator.”

The Jarrow-based band are gearing up to release their debut album via Durham-based Rocking Horse Recordings this month. Fusing a plethora of sounds into a fast and furious release, guitarist Carl Halligan explains that the decision to create instrumental music has been almost intuitive for the group. “Over 10 years ago when I first heard bands like Explosions In The Sky and 65daysofstatic I knew this was the type of music I wanted to make. Over time all of our music tastes started to become very similar, so it was only natural that we would create this type of music.”

It may be instrumental, but that’s about as far as they can be labelled. “There’s not so much an effort to write to a specific genre but we just play what comes out naturally. Which means it’s very difficult to categorise us into a particular style.” Says drummer Steve Mccoy. Carl agrees that it’s their separate musical tastes which influences the direction the band have taken musically. “I like a lot of heavy stuff that Micky wouldn’t be found dead listening to, and they like loads of crap indie bands. But it all just comes together nicely.”

Expect four people, making lots of hair-raising, spine-tingling, bone-crunching noises

The album opens with the mean and moody Bear Arms, weaving guitar lines buzz amid tribal drums, rising to an abrupt crescendo and a stark finale which gives way to the second track, Bearing Arms. A fast and furious rollercoaster of a song, where battling guitars and scattergun drums provide a relentless opening until a somewhat dreamy interlude prevails, replete with sky-high soundscapes and blasts of melody. The relatively chilled out precision of We Kill Boxes is sweetly pensive until it drops into a tropical pop beauty, while the widdly guitar on Tidespring and the calm control on epic track The Whale shows off some genuinely impressive musical talent.

The group’s writing process has its roots in creating emotion; from the shades of dark and light on Bearing Arms or the fuzzy splendour of No Country Members, the tracks are eclectic and uniquely experimental. Guitarist Michael Forster explains their writing process: “We also like to play around with the aura within a tune, for example going from a melancholic feel, into a happy, dreamier vibe in a different key. Without having a singer, there is no need to stick to any conventional layout of a song, so we can pretty much do whatever feels right!”

The group are giving their album an official launch at Newcastle’s Head of Steam on Thursday 17th December, and with music this wide-ranging and all-encompassing, fans can expect an equally intense live show: “Expect four people, making lots of hair-raising, spine-tingling, bone-crunching noises.”

People Making Noises release their self-titled album on 21st December via Rocking Horse Recordings. The band play Head of Steam, Newcastle on Thursday 17th December.

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