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After his debut album A Woman Like You was met with plaudits from critics and listeners alike in late 2019, Teesside artist Patrick Jordan immediately started working on the groovy and dynamic follow-up, Louder, which is released this month.

The record boats a full sound, as rich production elevates the rousing performances. Patrick’s production has been a driving force behind artists like Cattle & Cane and his own band Young Rebel Set. Stepping into the limelight, Patrick reflects on the decision to showcase his own material. “Honestly, I wanted to push myself. I think for years I’ve convinced myself I can’t write lyrics. My career has been surrounded by fantastic songwriters like Matt Chipchase and Joe Hammill, where brilliance seems to come so naturally to them. It became very easy to believe that I couldn’t do it. I would start hundreds of songs, but they’ve all ended up abandoned. With the debut I made a very deliberate choice to sit down and write the lyrics first. I love the recording side of music so much, it’s easy to get lost in it. The final single, It’s Strange, was written to sound like a Young Rebel Set song and I use the same guitars and drums we’d use on those records. The song reflects on Matt’s death; he’d never use a song that wasn’t fully authentic and real, so writing one has been very cathartic.”

I don’t think it was a reaction to the pandemic, but ironically, I found myself creating my most collaborative piece yet

As live music dwindled into obscurity this year, Patrick Jordan found himself back in the studio. “I don’t think it was a reaction to the pandemic, but ironically, I found myself creating my most collaborative piece yet. On my EPs and debut, I’d filled every role myself, from the playing to the production. I was ready to add a different flavour into what I was making.”

The collaborations across the album, from country artist Donna Marie Songs, Newcastle’s Mosaic Sun and Nashville duo Linen Ray, each bring exciting new dynamics to Louder. As songs like Black Dog and Broken Hearted drive stirring blues riffs and snarling drums into their anthemic choruses, the cohesive release also infuses folk nuances and blues sensibilities to sharpen the slick and stomping tracks.

Patrick relishes the opportunity to reunite with friends and elevate Louder’s sound. “There’s a guitar solo on this album that I would never think of playing, but it suits the song perfectly. It’s been great being able to bounce ideas off people and watch them snowball. I never tell Donna what to do, I’d just send her a track and ask for magic, then she would send back these stunning vocals. In fact, my favourite line on the entire album wasn’t written by me. The only song I didn’t write myself has the line ‘Alas, I’m no Atlas, but at last I’ve found my way’I’m a sucker for a good turn of phrase, it infuriates me so much that Chris Saunders from Mosaic Sun just whipped up a line like that while in the bath!”

Once the new album is out in the world, Patrick is eager to get back to work and jump into tour mode. “I’m ready to have some fun! The third album is already written and it’s a different sound completely, but I really want to enjoy these songs first.”

Patrick Jordan releases Louder on 16th April

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