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Hailing from the rain-drenched streets of Manchester, there’s still a whiff of summer about Pale Waves. A fresh addition to the scene, their meteoric rise to success has seen them dominate Spotify playlists, perform at Madison Square Garden and even count Matty Healy a close chum. Heather Baron-Gracie, the smoky-eyed female equivalent of Robert Smith who fronts the four-piece, cites that music was always the industry they were drawn to. “The band first started when me and Ciara [drums] went to uni and we started writing music together – it wasn’t the kind of music we were writing now however, it was very depressing! We made a conscious effort to move away from that when we formed the band, but I want to be doing music for the rest of my life with these guys.”

Describing themselves as “dark, honest pop”, they draw umpteen slices of inspiration from the 80s and 90s. “I do listen to a lot of bands from the 80s, like The Cure, Prince, Madonna – I make sure to listen to as much of a diverse collection as I possibly can, you can be surprised what can surprise you!.”

Their debut single There’s A Honey, an infectious three-minute offering depicting a crumbling relationship, was produced in the safe hands of pop stalwarts The 1975, an achievement that would set any fellow indie band’s eyes alight with envy. “It was just like working with any other producer strangely, they’re awesome with how they help the artist they’re working for. Sometimes, producers get on the wrong end of artists and try to steer them into something that they aren’t, but they were great. They always understood us.” Mr Healy also got his paws all over the direction of their latest single Television Romance’s music video and hoiked the band on the North American stretch of their tour – seems like somebody has a big fan.

The shove into the showbiz limelight can seem beyond desirable from the outside looking in, however the immense change in dynamics can often strike The World’s Worst Stage Fright into the feeble hearts of newbies. For Pale Waves, it’s a prospect they’re taking on with ease. “I don’t really feel like we’re that exposed at the moment, perhaps I’m just being a bit naïve but I guess we’ve always wanted people to hear our music and want them to come to our shows, and with that comes them wanting to follow you as people and know what you’re doing, so it has to be something that’s expected in this industry.”

With the UK and European tour already underway and a North American one in the pipeline, what else can we expect from the impressive upcomers? “October for new music is the plan! We’re currently recording an EP, and we plan to release some of it very soon!” Keep your ears peeled, as it’s bound to make a splash.

Pale Waves play Northumbria University Student’s Union on Saturday 21st October.



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