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If there’s one thing that the socials of Newcastle alt. punk outfit One Million Motors suggest, it’s that they unafraid of saying what they think. Full of political commentary and heart-on-sleeve opinions, it’s fair to say that the quartet don’t only rage against the machine through their music and on-stage performances; they do so in their off-stage lives too

Following up their 2021 Ramones-meets-Offspring-meets-Dropkick Murphy’s intense Poisoned Lungs/You’re Not Viable releases, this month sees the band continue their angst-filled trajectory with the release of their new EP; a heavy, aggressive symphony which forces their rage right to the foreground of their music. And, given the intensity of their EP, their online personas and even their press releases (which pitches the release as “questioning of the current day government as well as the mundane nature of the 9-5 working life”), it seems like One Million Motors are still finding plenty of ammunition to fuel their creativity. 

we try to have a harsh edge whilst trying to also look for some of the reasons to be optimistic

The direct, almost Misfits-like, straight-to-the-point punk mentality of EP highlight They’re Getting Away With This not only brings out huge punk power chords and sneering vocals, but also interesting commentary around who, exactly, are getting away with what? “That was written around October time, well before ‘Partygate’ was in the press, but it’s almost serendipity when I think about the song now and what’s coming out about the government’s behaviour,” says vocalist and rhythm guitarist John O’Hare, who makes up the band alongside bassist and vocalist James Hattersley, guitarist Mick White and drummer Emma Anderson. “I totally believe that our government are getting away with it. We never really planned to become political, or for our music to have that political edge, but we lost somebody due to Covid and when you think of all of the anger that comes from trying to do the right thing and then you hear about what members of the government are up to, it just all comes out. And they are getting away with it. But they shouldn’t be.”

Full of edgy, political, rallies, They’re Getting Away With This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the strong focus of the EP; other highlights such as ACW and Knows What’s Best contribute to a collection of songs which come with a strong thesis as well as heavy guitars and pounding rhythms. 

We think this is our best work to date,” says James “and whilst we’re influenced by the classic punk bands, and more recently by the likes of Bob Vylan and Idles, we try to have a harsh edge whilst trying to also look for some of the reasons to be optimistic and I think that’s also in our music.” 

With plans already afoot for another EP or mini album in 2022, it seems like One Million Motors are on a roll, and have plenty more to rage against. 

One Million Motors release their new EP on 25th March.


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