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Nova Twins head into the 2023 off the back of an incredible twelve months. The trailblazing duo played 105 shows across 22 countries last year, and the forecast is much of the same for this year.

Nova Twins’ sophomore album Supernova was nominated for the much-coveted Mercury Prize. “We were elated about the album response. You don’t know what to expect when you release an album; you just hope everyone loves it as much as we do. We were just blown away by everything this last year. We felt grateful for everyone who has been championing us and coming to our shows,” said Georgia.

Their stratospheric new album Supernova contains more energy than a case of Red Bull. Fusing together heavy rock riffs with the duo’s lyrical prowess, infectious rhythms and mosh pit inducing beats, it’s a wild ride indeed.

Nova Twins are at the forefront of a groundbreaking new generation of rock artists. “I think it’s a really exciting time – people are opening up their minds to not just rock music, but general diversity in music. I think that’s probably why rock is also starting to thrive again because of that,” proclaims Amy, although Georgia insists that they’re not afraid to push their sound into areas outside the rock genre. “I think we don’t really set ourselves boundaries. We always love to do what feels natural in our gut and let the music do the talking.”

I think it’s a really exciting time – people are opening up their minds to not just rock music, but general diversity in music

In the latter stages of 2022, the band released their first-ever remix, that being their take on the Sam Smith and Kim Petras smash Unholy. Working on the project was a whirlwind experience for the pair. “We came back from America and we had the Mercury’s a few days after. So, it was a super hectic schedule. But we did a 24-hour session on it, and they loved it,” said Georgia. “Kim Petras actually came to our show. She had no idea that we did the remix. So we played it to her before anyone heard it and she loved it as well.”

The girls were keen to put their stamp on the global hit. “It is so reminiscent of 90s R&B, but it’s got a fresh spin on it, and we just loved it. It was so sexy and cool that we just thought how great would this be rocked up in a Nova kind of sense,” explained Amy.

The group are presently getting ready to hit the road across the UK in support of their latest offering, and with a date at Newcastle University on Saturday 25th February, they’re excited about returning to the North East. “When you go up North, it’s always so amazing – it’s your energy. It’s just like one of the best places in the world. We have so much fun. In Newcastle, Manchester, and Liverpool – it’s insane. It’s so sweaty and gnarly,” said Georgia.

For the rest of the year, the group has a lot on their agenda. “There are a few things we haven’t announced yet. There are a few things we’re excited about. The diary is full to the end of the year, but that’s always a good thing,” concludes Amy.

Nova Twins play at Newcastle University Students’ Union on Saturday 25th February.

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