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After releasing their latest single, Order, NOPRISM are gearing up to take their army of songs to the stage, having announced that their first live show will take place at Little Buildings in Newcastle on Saturday 31st July.

NOPRISM’s Andrew Young discusses the anticipation and excitement for the band’s live debut” “The band’s entire existence has been locked down, we started in March then immediately everything stopped. It’s been frustrating for everyone, and we’ve spent the year building an online presence, but it’ll be something special when we can cut our teeth live!”

With previous singles Happiness and Pantherbeat exploding into anthemic choruses with powerful beats and humongous, swirling synths, the band have curated a sound that feels tailor made for the live experience. Frustratingly the band have had to reschedule their live debut several times during the pandemic but are poised and ready to launch into an upbeat frenzy on Saturday 31st July. “We’ve all come from loud bands, so I can guarantee that we will be providing all the angular guitar sounds and raucous drumming needed to fill the venue! It might end up being a lot heavier than people expect, we just love to make a racket!”

Expect the electronic haze of an 80s dance party and the pulsing energy and groove of new wave

The band’s songs have already gained traction, appearing on BBC Introducing and popping up on reality show Made in Chelsea, as well as getting rave reviews from Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon. They’re hoping to translate this online momentum on the road. “The songs have ended up in the most random places, but we still need to figure out a reputation locally! I don’t know if anyone in Newcastle has heard of us yet!” To remedy this, the band are set to release a new single, Animosity. “We wrote it as a joke, We were pretending to be a fake band and sending them off to the BBC for a laugh, but then it actually started getting played! I reckon it’s one of our best tracks now.”

NOPRISM’s debut EP is also on the horizon and it’s likely to continue their trademark sound so ably demonstrated by Order’s ominous beats and hypnotic synths. Expect the electronic haze of an 80s dance party and the pulsing energy and groove of new wave. NOPRISM seem to have carved themselves an authentic and endearing sound that has already begun to resonate; the band shine with a vintage charm yet avoid feeling like a pastiche. The energy, sentiment and warmth that rockets out of each new release feels fresh and genuine, and each track feels polished and fully envisioned. The influences across the tracks feel like a homage to the past, yet the band drives forward beautifully with their eyes fixed on the future.

It’s clear that NOPRISM are preparing an electrifying and dynamic experience. Don’t miss it.

NOPRISM play Little Buildings, Newcastle on Saturday 31st July 



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