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Having made a name for themselves for catchy riffs and gruff hooky vocal lines, coupled with their distinctive heavy rock guitars, Newcastle’s No Time For Reason are set to bring their energetic and eclectic sound to the O2 Academy 2 stage on the 30th January, having just released their third single, Novocaine. We get an exclusive listen to their brand new track, as well as having a catch up with the band to find out more.

How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?
We have known each other since January 2019! We had our first show together at Riverside, Newcastle January 24th where we managed to get 250 people down. We actually performed under Stoker’s solo brand and he sourced us all online! It was only until Tony (drummer) joined later that Stoker felt the band needed to be a group project, and No Time For Reason was born!

Describe your sound.
We describe ourselves as Pop Rock, or Indie Rock if you like. The music we write has very catchy riffs and vocal hook lines, which makes it have that commercial edge. However, this is coupled with heavy rock guitars that give the songs more grit.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
We describe ourselves as a ‘Motley Crew’ band in the sense that we have all come from completely different musical backgrounds and have different influences! Stoker has come primarily from a Pop and EDM background, but the rest of us have more flavour towards Jazz, Rock and Punk. A rather diverse collection of music! Haha This is great though when coming to produce our songs, as we all have our individual input in the writing process! Bands that are similar to us could be Biffy Clyro, Panic at the Disco and Blink 182. 

Could you briefly describe the music-making process?
Stoker is the primary songwriter, he will always come to the studio with a written song with melody and lyric ideas in place. We then build up the song from scratch as a band. This way we feel we are getting the best out of all of us and 4 heads are better than one! We really want to write and produce as a band so that our music is as unique as possible!

What’s your new single, Novocaine, about?
I think it’s our best song yet! The track has got a real pop-punk feel to it. The hook in the chorus is super catchy and memorable giving it that pop feel we love!

The song was inspired by my own personal feelings about relationships. I have always found it hard to be in relationships. Sometimes I feel numb to my emotions and I’ve gotten used to the idea of being on my own. That’s the feeling I wanted to get across in this song.

We recorded at Blast in Newcastle which is always a pleasure. The equipment is fantastic, and we love all the producers and engineers who work there.

Tell us more about your show at O2 Academy.
We are putting our first headline show on as No Time For Reason, on January 30th at the O2 Academy in Newcastle. Main support is coming from The Escapades, and opening the show is Connor Haley. We are massively excited about this and we hope to sell it out! Tickets are available via the O2 booking office or you can contact us directly on our Facebook or Instagram.


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